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A Simple Request

This blog refers strongly to person-centredness. To creating the "quality of connection" (Rosenberg, 2015), whereby everyone involved in a communication, or cooperative event, has the best chance of getting their needs met.

This requires laying groundwork of what this website is attempting to do. It attempts to shine consciousness on the deepest truth of human beings. That we are rational actors, attempting constantly to gain this rationality. Humans are as follows:

  1. Good: All human beings are born good, and nothing need changing about humans to ensure this goodness.

  2. Intelligent: All human beings are intelligent beings, capable of flexible and creative thinking to connect with other humans, and create lives worth living.

  3. Zestful: All human beings are capable of creating adventure, being playful, and are consistently filled with a joyful zest for living!

  4. Cooperative: All human beings are capable of cooperating compassionately with other human beings, no matter how scary some human behaviour can be; this is a possibility!

  5. Loving: All human beings are born with a deeply loving soul, concerned with love for the self, and other. This compares closely to "we are all one" type sentiments.

  6. Powerful: All human beings are powerful actors, capable of powerful actions for the benefit of humanity. Importantly, this refers to having and using this human power with others, not executing power over others. Collaboration instead of competition.

Many readers will see these six characteristics of human nature, and think "this is absolute nonsense. I know many people who aren't any of these things!" Yes, you'd be correct in observing that many humans do not exhibit these characteristics. This is human nature, but stay conscious that humans have been deeply hurt, repeatedly, since childhood, and therefore behave very differently than their nature. This is true of every single person.

But what else is true of every single person?

It is true that every human has always done the very best they could do; when all the factors are collected, and evaluated, each and every person, in each and every circumstance of their lives, has always done the best they could do to meet their needs. Given the resources available to them, which includes their ability to make decisions about how to behave and what to think, they have always done the best they could.

This is specifically true of You.

My request is that you read the content of this webpage with the understanding that human beings are deeply hurt, but capable of immense change over their lifecourse. We have the power to make our lives go well.

We have the power to make others lives go well.

We have the power to make positive change in ourselves, our families, our social circles, our greater communities, and in our world.

We have the power to fight the discouragement we feel when faced with challenges, big or small.

We are capable.

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